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Yang Jian’s eyes flashed between his eyebrows. "If I want to save my mother, I have to be a pick Jin Xian, otherwise Root will have no way to compete with the Jade Emperor."

A flash of golden light flashed across Yuding, and real people appeared at the top of the mountain not far from Yang Jian.
Yang Jian saw Yuding reality hurriedly fuels "master".
Yuding real person nodded and said, "Yang Jian’s practice is not to rely on hard work. You are too eager for strength. If you go this way, you will go astray. The root of practice is to understand the heaven. If you have enough strength, you will naturally have you too eager for success."
Yang Jian’s hard practice of jade tripod is both gratifying and worrying.
Yang Jian said, "Master, I have the time to practice slowly, but my mother was suppressed and Taoshan suffered, but she couldn’t wait for me. I hate myself and I’m not strong enough. Even if the Jade Emperor can endure me?"
Yu Ding shook his head and said, "Hatred can make you explode with amazing potential in the shortest time and make your strength advance by leaps and bounds. But you should know that once you are blinded by hatred, your mind will be destroyed in the future. We cultivate immortals and mortals are different. After death, the true spirit can be reincarnated, but we have Yuan Shen, who will disappear completely once he dies. Heaven and earth don’t even have a chance to be reincarnated."
Yang Jian sneered, "After my mother, I’m not afraid of death, Master Yang Jian. Don’t worry, I won’t be blinded by hatred, and I will be immortal in the shortest time."
This is what Yuding believes.
Yang Jian’s cultivation talent is so strong that he can become a real person. Jin Xian, Yang Jian and Jinxian are naturally assured.
Jade Ding real person said to Yang Jian, "By the way, I have a message to tell you that your prospective brother-in-law, Wang Yue, has made a breakthrough in martial arts to a new level and has become a true fairy of martial arts. Now Wang Yue is much stronger than you. Not only that, he has also been conferred the title of Terran Wu Daozu by the Dashang Dynasty."
To tell the truth, Yu Ding was shocked to learn that Wang Yue practiced martial arts and became a mixed fairy, because he didn’t know that practicing martial arts could also become an immortal.
In this way, the Terran strong will continue to emerge.
This is a blessing or a curse for the Terran.
Yang Jian eyes a bright face with a smile and said "Wang Yue also immortal? That’s great, master. What is a true fairy of martial arts and mixed elements? "
After Wang Yue left Kunlun Mountain, Yang Jian was also very worried, but he needed to stay with Yuding real people to learn skills, which could not help Wang Yue. Now Wang Yue has become an immortal, and Yang Jian suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.
Yuding reality shook his head and said, "I don’t know that I am an immortal, and I don’t know much about martial arts. You want to know what a martial arts mixed fairy is. When you become Jinxian Mountain in the future, just go back to Jiangkou and ask Wang Yue."
Yuding reality asked Yang Jian that Yuquan Mountain could only be achieved if he became Jin Xian.
Yang Jian heart andao "Wang Yuecheng immortal this is a good news, but I don’t know how the eldest brother and sister are now. In the future, the four of us will be able to bomb Taoshan to save mother, and maybe we can compete with the jade emperor."
Wang Yue and Wang Jianxia entered Dongyi.
Dongyi belongs to a wild area, and the terran culture is different. These aliens constantly attack and kill each other, which perfectly explains the law of the jungle.
Wang Jianxia is holding a long sword with Wang Yue. His long sword has a slight red halo. This is his long sword for nourishing blood and energy.
"Elder brother here is here? Indeed as expected and my Terran territory is very different, but it seems that there are few masters here. "Wang Jianxia said to Wang Yue.
Along the way, the two met some alien masters in the congenital period, the Yuan God period and the Du Jie period, but they didn’t find a few.
Wang Yue took a look at Wang Jianxia and said, "This is the place where the real masters on the periphery of Dongyi can’t appear naturally. Let’s just slowly go deep into Dongyi and meet the real masters."
Wang Yue looked up and saw a huge walled city.
"There is a tribe ahead. Let’s get something to eat," said Wang Yue.
Wang Jianxia nodded. "Well, I’m really hungry."
They entered the city village and walked into a food store. The guests in the food store stopped talking and looked at them. Wang Yue and Wang Jianxia were all dressed in terran clothes, and their unique energy breath was so different.
"Are the two strong Terrans?"
The owner of the food store is an old man with tentacles on his forehead. He came up to Wang Yue and Wang Jianxia and asked them.
Wang Yuexiao said with a smile, "The strong are not just our brothers. We are Terrans. Have something delicious in your shop."
The owner of the food store said with a smile, "There are many delicious things in our store, and you need a lot of energy to eat them all."
Wang Yue and Wang Jianxia don’t dress like rich people. You know, in the wild world, money is not gold and silver, but a spar containing the aura of heaven and earth.
Wang Yue smiled and threw a piece of energy spar to the old man and said, "Don’t worry, we won’t eat your food for nothing. Besides, we dare not presumptuously reward you with this energy spar here."
The owner of the food store laughed. "Good old man, I’ll get you something to eat."
The owner of the food store secretly nodded with the energy spar. This spar is still very good.
When the owner of the food store left Wang Jianxia, he asked, "Brother, I remember that energy spar is the only one in your body. If we eat something, there will be no energy spar to pay the bill."
Wang Yueyin said, "Don’t worry, I can do it on credit. Hehe."
Just now, when the restaurant owner talked with Wang Yue, although his face was smiling, Wang Yue found the murder deep in his eyes.
I want to kill myself. Wang Yue naturally won’t pay again.
"You want food."
Soon the owner of the restaurant asked his hand to bring the rich food.
Wang Jianxia’s index finger moved when he saw these foods. These foods are really delicious.
He grabbed the food in his hand and sent it to his mouth.
"Wait," Wang Yue suddenly stopped. "I’ll try first."
Wang Yue took a sip of every kind of food and found that it was not poisonous before he nodded to Wang Jianxia and said, "The food is ok now."