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In Zhongnanshan, Wang Yue let Li Mochou Mo Xie Excalibur try his physical strength. Although it can’t completely resist Mo Xie Jian Feng, it is not easy for this Excalibur to cut his muscles and bones without Li Mochou’s half-step master’s practice to cut Wang Yue’s skin.

"King Jinlun’s strength is good, but you can pose a threat to me, but you still want to kill me." Wang Yue said to King Jinlun, "Of course, if Zhen Zhibing can come and help you, it will be another matter."
Even if Wang Yue is severe, it is impossible to fight with two great masters at the same time. Worse still, the strength of King Jinlun is equal to his, but his physical strength is just a little worse.
At Zhen Zhibing, King Jinlun took a look. Now Zhen Zhibing is fighting with Li Mochou. It is naturally impossible to come and help. If you want to deal with Wang Yue, you still have to rely on yourself.
"Ha ha Wang Yue, you are so confident." King Jinlun sneered. "I admit that you are powerful and the most powerful person I have ever met. My younger brother Siba was reincarnated as a living Buddha, and he was a peerless genius since he was a child, but his martial arts were not as horrible as yours. However, I learned the magical power of the tantric protector, the Dragon Elephant Prajnaparamita. The twelfth floor can be said to be the former ancients and later generations. I have to kill you today."
Wang Yue laughed. "Well, the stronger you are, the more excited I am. If you can really make me feel the threat of death, maybe I can achieve the goal of" being strong in the middle "? Ha ha … "
The Dragon Elephant Prajnaparamita is very powerful. Wang Yue had to create this martial arts master. Unfortunately, this martial arts is too difficult to practice. If you want to practice it to Dacheng, even if it takes a thousand years, King Jinlun doesn’t know how to practice it. It is incredible that the Dragon Elephant Prajnaparamita has been cultivated to the twelfth floor in just a few decades.
Wang Yue guessed that the 13th floor of Prajnaparamita Kung is equivalent to a strong martial art.
Wang Yue roared, "Jinlun hopes you can pick me up!"
Wang Yue’s palm vigorous energy quickly formed a huge palm print virtual shadow, and the atmosphere around it became sticky and thick, which filled the whole war.
King jinlun’s pupil shrinks. "What a great palm!"
King Jinlunfa’s body is really moving, and he is screaming with a dragon elephant. Behind him, there is a dragon elephant shadow.
Li Mochou’s tip collided with Zhen Zhibing’s sword. This time, it didn’t make any noise. Then the sharp sword mans broke out and everything around it was cut by the sword mans.
Those soldiers who didn’t come back were cut into pieces.
If the battle between Wang Yue and King Jinlun is a struggle between strength and boxing, then the fight between Li Mochou and Zhen Zhibing is a contest between speed and fencing.
Both of them are like a feather floating backwards.
Li Mochou’s hair was scattered by the firm but gentle shock, which covered half of her face, which made her look more charming and enchanting.
Zhenzhibing looked embarrassed. His sleeve was cut off by shock wave, and the corner of his mouth was also covered with blood. Although he was slightly injured, his fighting capacity was not affected at all.
Li Mochou’s eyes glanced slightly at Wang Yue and then stared at Zhen Zhibing and asked, "Zhen Zhibing, I’m curious about what martial arts you practice. You can become a great master in just 16 years. Your fencing is not really teaching you to know that I have done my best to become a great master. Giggle …"
Li Mochou corners of the mouth with a smile sound crisp than tone like chatting with old friends.
Now Zhen Zhibing is calm. No matter whether Li Mochou insults him, he will not be angry. His mood has been calm and has reached the realm of ancient wells without waves.
Master practitioners can adjust their emotional rage. Although it can make people more powerful, it can also make people lose their judgment. A master will die if he is not careful.
If you want to live, you must be calm and absolutely calm.
Li Mochou has done a good job in this respect. Of course, Zhen Zhibing is not bad now.
"Hehe," Zhen Zhibing said with a smile, "I left the true religion after you abolished me. At that time, my heart was dying and I wanted to find a place to take my own life, but the sky never dies. I actually let me get a handwritten manuscript of a great master fighter in the Tang Dynasty. I recorded his practice skills, fencing and feelings. With that feeling, I became a great master."
Great master’s experience is more precious than the achievement method, because even if you get the achievement method, you may not become a great master, but if you have those insights and experiences, it will be much easier to practice and you will have to take a lot of detours.
Zhen Zhibing’s tone is dull and he can’t recognize the slightest resentment and hatred. If you don’t know his grievances with Li Mochou, others really recognize these two people as friends.
Li Mochou nodded and smiled. "Well, I see. Your life is really good."
"Thanks to you!" Zhen zhibing’s sword and mans flashing.
Li Mochou instantaneous pop-up dozens of embroidery needle ZhenZhiBing one leng sneer at a way "hidden weapons? Not for me! "
Zhen zhibing’s sword issued a series of swords to resist the embroidery needle.
Li Mochou cold hum a figure into a red mans with embroidery needle after facing ZhenZhiBing fly away.
The wall Huang Rong commanded the soldiers to kill the enemy.
The little dragon girl in Xiangyang City has the strongest martial arts and kills the enemy at most, but the Mongolian army is as calm as a moth, even if Huang Rong and the little dragon girl are calm.
In front of the gate of Xiangyang City, Yang Guo, the Mongolian army resisted.
Huang Rong glanced at the Mongolian camp and shouted to Yang Guo, "Go and kill Mongo and cut off the handsome flag of the Mongolian army."
Yang Guo eyes a bright avenue "aunt guo rest assured is to have a good son".
Guo Xiang saw that Yang Guo was going to kill Mongolian Khan and shouted, "Be careful, big brother."
Chapter 17 debacle
In the Mongolian camp, except for the two great masters, King Jinlun and Zhen Zhibing, there are only first-class practitioners, and none of them have Mongolian guards. From here, we can see that although Mongolia has a strong army, there are still some deficiencies.
When Yang Guo heard Huang Rong wake up, it suddenly dawned on him that the only way to win this war was to kill Mongo and cut off the handsome flag of the Mongolian army, otherwise, no matter how they killed the enemy, they could not finish killing the army like a tide.
"Catch the thief first!"
Yang Guo’s flying skill increased the speed to the extreme and killed Mungo.
Mongo saw a gray ghosting coming to this side and was immediately frightened. He knew that this was a rare master of Dasong.
"Stop this man by Khan," Mongo shouted. "Be sure to kill him!"
The guards soon surrounded Mongo and protected it. The spears and shields were protected layer by layer, and it was impossible for even the master fighters to attack and kill quickly.
Yang Guo soon arrived to see these thousands of guards sneer at one: "If I were a general master fighter who wanted to kill Mongo, I even couldn’t, and when my true qi ran out, this horde was also born to die. Unfortunately, I am a fighter with strong endurance and explosive strength, which doomed Mongo to death."
Family boxing fighters are most afraid of being besieged.
Yang Guo struck the steed with one hand, and the steed was killed by flying. Dozens of guards were killed. The guard formation was messed up, and the outer protective ring was torn.
A Mongolian general shouted, "If you shoot an arrow, you must kill this man!"
A thousand arrows flew at Yang.
Looking at the sky like locusts flying arrow Yang Guo cold hum a congenital Gang gas appeared in front of those arrows rain fly knife front actually stopped.
"Hehe, even if I don’t have the innate vigorous spirit to protect me, these arrows and rains will never hurt me."
With a wave of his hand, Yang Guo flew back with thousands of arrows, faster than before.
"Ah … I’ve been hit by an arrow."
"Who is this guy? I can’t kill it! "
Thousands of people in this Mongolian army were shot and killed by feather arrows.
Mungo guards killed some of them.
"How is that possible? Is this guy as powerful as Buddhist and Zhen Zhibing? " Mungo was livid and stared at Yang Guo’s eyes with resentment and fear. Dasong fighters are so strong.
Mongo’s heart said, "One day, if the Mongolian empire is unified, it is scheduled to kill all these fighters!"