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"Twelve …" Xiao Fan pondered for a moment and counted himself before solving fifty-seven cases, a total of sixty-nine … One hundred and twenty people, so there were nineteen people left …

"I don’t want to. There are 51 people left. I got the news that they are all dead!" Wu day sigh a way
"Well, brother Xiangong is really capable!" Xiao Fan nodded. "It’s better than being killed!"
Then Xiao Fan exchanged pleasantries with Wu Tian for a while and took care of the twelve targets.
However, due to the target, it was already "dead" and there was still half of Xiao Fan left, and there was no place to go, so he temporarily stayed at Yuhuo Palace …
Chapter 625 The top three
Xiao Fan left Yuhuo Palace in the past ten months when he made a lot of elixirs and fairy wares for Wu Tian.
According to the freezing point association method, Xiao Fan soon found Zeng Xiong in a border plain in Lowa.
Zeng Xiong broke up with others a few months ago. Now Gu Xueying is the only one around Zeng Xiong.
"Aha, Xiao Fei, I’m so glad to see you!" As soon as I saw Xiao Fan Zeng Xiong, I ran over and gave him a warm hug, which seemed to be like a close friend after decades.
See Ceng Xiong and Gu Xueying embarassed Xiao Fan couldn’t help laughing "where are you two drilling? How did you get this picture? "
"Hey, don’t go after the target. We can say that the mountains and seas are not very good!" Zeng Xiong sighed and shrugged his shoulders.
"oh? What is the record? " Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows.
"Five!" Zeng Xiong shook his head and held out his hand. "There are only five of us together!"
"Well, as far as I know, the whole freezing point meeting has only killed people, even if it is not enough to put one person killed by others!" Gu Xueying said.
"Five people … not bad!" Xiao Fan picked his eyebrows.
This sentence is sincere.
You know, in addition to cleaning up 69 by yourself, there are 51 targets, and the proportion that the younger brothers can kill is greatly reduced, but they can kill five at this rate, which shows that Zeng Xiong is excellent.
"Not bad?" Zeng Xiong rolled his eyes and said, "One hundred and twenty target figures. It’s not to brag that there are not many target figures that we can beat among the younger brothers sent out. So even if the number of groups adds up to one person, our performance is bleak!"
"Ha ha is not bleak!" Xiao Fan waved his hand and said, "I’ll give you some!"
"hmm? Share it with us Can you say that you have killed a lot? " Zeng Xiong and Gu Xueying are one leng at the same time.
"It’s not too much!" Xiao Fan said a hand to the sixty-nine bodies neatly put out.
"Six … sixty-nine?" Zeng Xiong two people stare big eyes at the same time immediately like watching a monster at Xiao Fan.
"Aha, maybe I’m lucky!" Xiao Fan scratched his head, "such as? Even distribution plus freezing point will have 77 of us, and no matter how lucky and desperate his group is, it will never surpass us! "
"God that this … this is terrible? You killed sixty-nine yourself … Are you really a monster? " Gu Xueying beautiful eyes wide open murmured.
"It’s just luck!" Xiao Fan licked his lips and said, "Let’s go back and inform the freezing point members that there is no need to look outside!"
"Well, well, you’ve really helped a lot!" Zeng Xiong nodding has been impressed by Xiao Fanpei.
"Nothing. Isn’t it too strange for us to say these things?" Xiao Fan with the wave way
"Ha ha is right for you!" Zeng’s ambition was full of joy. Xiao Fan’s position in his heart has reached the extreme and he has become his most trusted person.
Xiao Fan licked his lips and sneered in his heart.
Supposedly, Zeng Ran was Zeng CuO’s cousin and Zeng Xiong was Zeng CuO’s son. If Zeng Xiong really lived up to expectations, how could Zeng CuO not be a cousin with his own son?
Facts have proved that Zeng Xiong can’t!
But Xiao Fan must help him up!
Zeng Ran Xiao Fan is not sure, but Zeng Xiong Xiao Fan can completely grasp the palm of his hand!
Hold Zeng Xiong up, then replace Zeng Ran with altruism, and then get closer to the core of Zeng’s family, and get Wang Haoran’s fairy marrow back first!
After all, Wang Haoran is a master of Jin Xian, and it will be a great help if we can get out of the quenching water!
A little Xiao Fan carefully carried out this plan and responded to emergencies at any time.
After a few days, the freezing point meeting, everyone returned to Fairy Palace.
However, at this time, I have already returned to Xiangong.
When the trial period ended, it was also the most exciting moment in Xiangongmen.
Choose ten younger brothers to take the middle school examination!
"Everyone has worked hard this year, and we all know it, but … no matter how hard we work, we have to show our achievements. There are ten places for elite brothers, and this is still a place to take part in the assessment. It is still unknown which of our younger brothers will be able to fly into the middle school. The competition is fierce!" Ceng Ran carrying hands elders temple Yuntai said to all the cousins.
"First of all, according to the agreement before the trial, take out the body of the target person you are after!"
Everyone looked at each other and took out bodies.
120 bodies lined up neatly in the square.