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"Tell the truth?" King Kong Bao handed me a bag of water.

"Just say what you think." I took the clear water he handed me. This bag of clear water was meant for chasing the wind and letting him bring it to me. Naturally, it was meant to ease the violent smell between the two brothers.
"It’s not white, but I’m sure you won’t lead me into the ditch." King Kong cannon fled and ran to Shimen.
I sighed and turned to twist the lid to get ready to drink water, but I stopped when I handed the clear water to my mouth. The water will enter the abdominal cavity and aggravate the infection. At this moment, I already feel that I have a fever, which is the inevitable reaction of the wound infected with leukocytosis.
Fever makes me want to drink water more and more, but I just can’t drink it. I can rinse my mouth and spit it out again and again.
King Kong cannon soon laid the mine and came back with two mercenaries with a bullish face.
"Good" King Kong cannon has put things behind it ten minutes ago and now it looks proud.
"What’s going on inside?" I asked frowning.
"There are piles of bamboo slips at the door," said King Kong’s muzzle.
"What about inside?" I asked.
"I don’t know if it gives me divination at the door." King Kong cannon shook his head and said that this guy was fooled back at the door.
"Very good. Blow up the door." Nida gave me an order.
"Maybe you can call" King Kong cannon pointed to the brick knocking at the door on the left side of Shimen.
"Don’t talk nonsense and blow up the door." I said seriously that this time I went in to be rough, and I had to make sure that the retreat was smooth.
King Kong cannon saw that I was gloomy and dared not linger to ignite the fuse. The fuse was connected with a little explosive, and the explosive blew up the mine detonating bolt. After a loud noise, Shimen Cave.
"You stay to protect Mr. Lin and Miss Mei, and others go in and find the target. Remember to keep the gun alive." I turned to the king kong gun and ordered 1, instead, I rushed into the king kong gun with everyone. I was confused by the old bird and let him in. I was afraid he would give me bad things.
When people entered the card, they were greeted by a mountain of bamboo slips and a large number of tortoise shell bones, and a small number of animal skins were placed in layers up to several meters. Don’t ask, don’t know that these bamboo slips and Oracle bones are written in divination, but these are meaningless to us. I might be interested in other ancient books.
The bronze frame is not placed neatly, there is no rule to follow, and the distance of the bronze frame is not equal. It is one mile wide and narrow, and only people can pass sideways.
"Right hand at three o’clock" I found the location of the old man with red hair according to his breath. Mu Zhuifeng and Ye Aofeng may not understand the twelve-hour orientation method, but they can find the location according to their breath. I am talking to the mercenaries.
"Wait a minute, this seems to be a kind of law." Mu Zhuifeng’s words stopped the mercenaries from preparing for action
When I heard that I frowned and looked down, I found that the placement of these bronze frames was indeed a kind of array, and I was familiar with this array, which was the array after the wind.
Array is an array evolved from the Book of Changes, which is divided into birth, injury, rest, du, scenery, death, surprise and door according to daoist magic’s concept. Once it is formed, it can start the sky and the sky, and the Long Feihu wings, birds and snakes hang down. Each array has great power. A large array can stop killing thousands of soldiers. A small array can sacrifice four natural phenomena and four fierce animals, although they are all illusory, but they have real attack ability. Generally speaking, array is a kind of array that facilitates natural forces to stop the enemy from killing.
The array was deduced by Fuxi according to the Book of Changes, and later generations were followed by the Yellow Emperor’s department. After the practice, it was a fierce warrior whose name was not a woman, and Bo followed suit. After the wind, it was because the outside world had a great misunderstanding about the array. It is generally recognized that he was created by Zhuge Liang, who may have understood and made the array, but he was not the creator or the first messenger.
Unfortunately, although the array diagram is mysterious, it has already been cracked and known by modern high-tech means, so this time the Fagen method has hindered us.
"It’s that guy who should stop the monkey after the wind." I said that the bronze frame on the ground had been moved, which means that this array was not previously placed.
"What is the birth gate?" Ye aofeng speak asked.
"Life is death, and the tiger wings hang around the clouds to avoid the wind and lift the sky." I said one by one how to walk in the array. After the array is formed, it is the law that destroys it from the outside, which means that even if we push down the copper frame, it will trigger the array to be attacked. In addition, the array is also the scope of the array, so we can take the right path.
"Deducing a thousand years can’t beat a computer for ten minutes." I smiled and stepped forward. The specific layout method of the array was Feng Hou and Zhuge Liang who had studied hard through this red-haired old man for thousands of years before they understood the array layout, but outsiders already knew it.
Chapter 513 Five-tailed stork chicken
"You two hit your left leg and you two hit your right leg …" During the March, I rushed the mercenaries to arrange a specific shooting target. There is a way to live and the only way to retreat, which means that if we want to walk in, we can block the red-haired old man and kill him if we dare not kill him. We can always make a toast and punish him, which is to blame.
"Don’t wait for your hand to show its true colors." Ye Aofeng added.
I nodded and motioned Ye Aofeng to say that it makes sense. No matter what animal is going to turn into a human being, it is weak and it is difficult to resist the bomb attack. If it shows its original shape and strong body, it will increase our difficulty in making it.
Although the array can’t block the breath, it can block the sound and image, so everyone keeps talking during the March.
"Xiao Jiu, do you think it is really impossible to deduce the Book of Changes?" Mu Zhuifeng looked around the bronze frame. Besides a large number of bamboo slips that have turned gray, there are a large number of tortoise shells and bones. These things are old. In addition, there are a large number of animals. Pippi is also a roll. Although it has not been played, it is conceivable that there should be handwriting in it. It is not difficult to see that many emperors must have made great efforts to find these things. No wonder Mu Zhuifeng has this question.
"Do you know the pi of the Sixth Senior Sister?" I didn’t answer the question of chasing the wind, but asked a rhetorical question.
"Circumcision?" Mu Zhuifeng speaks and answers.
"For me, this pi implies that the pi of Yin and Yang has been calculated by the computer to 10 trillion, but the final result has not been worked out. Do you think a flat-haired animal can deduce the results of Yin and Yang with it?" I shook my head and said
"Is Zhou Wenwang calculated in those days?" Ask again after longing for the wind
"No one knows how he figured it out, but the average life expectancy of human beings is over forty years old. The fact that Zhou Wenwang of the Zhou Dynasty can live to 97 years old makes me doubt that he is not an ordinary person and that the Zhou Dynasty is the longest dynasty in China’s history, which lasted for nearly a hundred years. Why did it last that long? And later generations praised Zhou Wenwang’s pedant, who is this heaven and man? " I answer questions.
Mu Zhuifeng nodded and said nothing. She is not a king kong gun. She nodded to show that she understood what I meant.
It didn’t take long for everyone to come to the sky array and bypass this row of bronze frames to see the red-haired old man.
"Don’t hesitate to get there. I’ll let the route seal it up." Mu Zhuifeng took out three imperial swords.
They nodded and promised me and Ye Aofeng also drew their swords. I hesitated slightly and rushed through the row of bronze frames.
The red-haired old man is now absorbed in a huge place, staring at a row of huge tortoiseshell in front of him. Seeing that we suddenly broke into the moment, we showed consternation, and the seven mercenaries had already obtained the gun license, so they found that the target was instantly shot. M16 close-range shooting was destructive to the human body. What’s more, it is conceivable that those mercenaries at this moment were all shooting rapidly and violently and directly interrupted the red-haired old man’s limbs.
"Stop shooting" When I saw that my goal had been achieved, I rushed to the front and the mercenaries reached a ceasefire order. At the same time, I longed for chasing the wind and deceiving my body. I accurately inserted three royal Excalibur, a bloody red-haired old man, jade pillow, and three important points of the highest day in the Dazhui Gate.
After the soldiers stopped the red-haired old man, they all took a long breath.
At the moment, the red-haired old man’s limbs are bleeding, and he is screaming horribly. The messy hair and beard are stained with blood, which aggravates the bloody smell, and the red-haired old man’s scream really makes us creepy. It is similar to the bird’s croaking, which is extremely high and harsh.
"Stubbornness deserves it." I looked at the red-haired old man with all his limbs broken. I had warned him before, but he ignored my warning and now he can’t blame me for being ruthless
The red-haired old man kept rolling on the ground, occasionally showing his face full of surprise and despair. The long spit contained extreme sadness. I frowned and looked at it and found that although it was shocked, desperate and sad, it didn’t look painful. That is to say, it was not because of serious injuries, but it was incredible that it was so easily broken by us.
Think about it, it’s also the mood. A person has paid a lot of money and got something that is naturally precious. As a result, he was told that this kind of thing has been set up for sale. It’s the same mood. I’m afraid people can face this disappointment calmly.
"Go out first" I waved my hand to remove a row of bronze frames in the card. This row of bronze frames is an array pattern. When the array pattern is reversed, the card channel is suddenly unblocked, and the beads on the top of the card are revealed.
Everyone nodded and agreed to follow me to the outside of the card. This red-haired old man smells like Chi Fang’s oil fire array, so we can injure him but dare not kill him.
"What’s that smell?" I stopped after a few steps, turned around and looked back.
At first, I frowned and rolled the red-haired old man’s body. At the moment, plumes of green smoke were filled with a burnt smell produced by burning the body.
"Water it," I shouted at everyone. Although I don’t know why this red-haired old man is so strange, I know that he can’t die.
They smell speech have turned to unload their backpacks and twist the kettle water bag to pour water into the red-haired old man. The surface temperature of the red-haired old man’s mutilated body is very Takashimizu, and then the fog rises, but after spilling a lot of water, it finally disappears.
"It wants to show its true colors." Mu Zhuifeng pointed to the red-haired old man, whose limbs were disabled and naturally could not be changed, but his facial features quietly changed strangely, and his mouth and nose became longer and his head gradually flattened. However, it became unreal but failed because the three imperial swords behind him sealed its aura.
I frowned and nodded and quickly swept to the bronze square table where the red-haired old man placed the sundries. I picked up the bundle of imperial edicts of Qin Huangda, which made the bamboo slips made of different materials and easy to distinguish.