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Shiba and Youtan are no match for Wang Yue. What’s more important is that they are seriously injured now. Even if they stay here, there is no threat to Wang Yue.

Shiba’s mind is simple and honest, but he is not stupid. He knows that he is defeated and it is impossible to bury his life in the valley of the deaf.
The gap between Shibaxian and Wang Yue is too big to be mutually assured destruction.
I dragged Shiba, who was seriously injured, all the way and finally caught Mufu two hours later.
"Mu Fuguo also please help Shiba …" Shiba vomited blood and said.
Shi Ba’s dirty body was shattered by Wang Yue’s boxing strength, and his qi and blood ran away. If you don’t hurry up, you will leave sequelae even if you don’t die, and your martial arts will be abolished.
Wang Yue’s innate gang and fist strength are too strong, and no one can resist the master fighters.
Bao Butong and storm evil saw shiba one eye also have some sympathy.
The poor Miao people were not only robbed of their martial arts by Wang Yue, but also seriously injured by Wang Yue when they came to the Central Plains.
"Let’s find a place to have a rest first." Storm evil said, "Shiba is seriously injured and you are seriously injured. Let’s get well injured first and then go on."
Bao Butong also nodded, "Gongye No.4 is right."
Mufu looked at Shiba with a chill in his eyes. "Shiba, didn’t you say that Wang Yue’s strength is not as good as yours? What makes him so good at martial arts now? This time we were seriously injured and it was your fault. "
Shiba had a fight with Wang Yue in the scenic zone. Wang Yue was not as strong as himself at that time. If Shiba had a life-and-death contest, it would be a little fearful, but it would not necessarily be afraid of Wang Yue.
Mu Fu also guessed from Shiba’s description that the person who went to the scenic area to look for angular blood centipede should be Wang Yue.
It is no secret that Wang Yue’s father needs the root of centipede with horny blood to treat diseases.
Mufu and Shiba have learned martial arts. Shiba is not Mufu’s opponent, which makes Mufu confident to find trouble with Wang Yue, but he didn’t expect that four master fighters in Deaf-mute Valley were defeated by Wang Yue in World War I.
"It’s a shame that I need my cousin to plead for my life!" Mufu’s heart is crazy. Wang Yuyan blocked his front for help. He will never forget that moment.
"Wang Yue, I must pay you back twice the shame you gave me," Mufu said coldly. "Now I have the book" North Ghost Magic ",which can absorb all the true energy to become a great master. It is no longer a delusion that you will die if I become a great master."
It’s enough to have the North Ghost’s magical power to admire the spirit.
The only regret is that Mufu’s boxing has not improved at all. Although his boxing practice has reached a dark strength, it just can’t enter the stage of strengthening.
Knowing Mufu about family boxing is still not comparable to Wang Yue’s. Mufu’s background is still a little poor. It is difficult for this generation to become a fighter without a famous teacher’s guidance.
MuFu heart andao "can’t get married boxing fighters also nothing important now I dark strength into body meridians all practice qi achievement method is the mistresses, north ghost siddhi practice success will be enough in a few days"
Shiba is also a face of guilt and sighs, "Mu Fuguong Shiba doesn’t know what that Wang Yue suddenly became so fierce. If Shiba knew that he was so fierce, he wouldn’t use force with him, but he wouldn’t believe me if he poisoned the scenic spot directly. The method of poison can’t make him Mu Gong. You can heal Shiba first and I will capture the poison of Wang Yue when I recover."
Mufu sneer at home fighters in the heart reached the dark strength level, it is difficult to be poisoned.
Although MuFu don’t know whether the strength fighters can resist all toxins, they should be ten times more powerful than the dark strength fighters.
Now it takes some time and energy to reverse the qi and blood, and the toxin can be removed, not to mention Wang Yue, a family boxing fighter.
"No," Mu Fu said to Shiba. "Shiba, now you are of no value to the public. Go to hell, you scenic barbarian!"
Mufu sword unsheathed, and a silver sword awn crossed Shiba’s throat.
Shiba looked at Mufu with disbelief in his eyes. He didn’t expect Mufu to suddenly kill himself.
"Mufu … you kill me … you can’t get the method of poison again …" Shiba said with difficulty in spraying blood foam in her throat.
MuFu sneer at a way "you make the method of poison and antidote is enough and the method of poison I know if modulation now want you? If it weren’t for you, you wouldn’t be humiliated in the deaf valley. Unfortunately, you haven’t cultivated the northern ghost magic, otherwise your skill will be my Mufu. "
"Pa" Shiba fell to the ground and died.
Before Shiba died, he finally understood that Mufu was more hateful and ambitious than Wang Yue.
Wang Yue just wants the achievement method, but Mu Fu is killing people.
"Gongye, what are you …" Storm evil looked at Shiba with sympathy in her eyes.
I didn’t expect this simple and honest Miao people in honest and frank to be killed by Gongye.
Mu Fu said coldly, "Don’t say anything. We’ll leave now. If Wang Yue comes after us, we’ll all die. Let’s find a quiet place to recuperate and practice martial arts."
Mufu left Shiba’s body off the ground quickly with Bao Butong and Storm Evil.
Ding Chunqiu spilled a handful of powder when he left, which was the vicious "Xiaoyao San Xiao Powder".
At that time, Wang Yue and Xue Muhua didn’t pay attention to wait until Xuan Nan and Su Xinghe laughed three times before reacting, but by this time they were already poisoned into the bone marrow and the immortals were hard to save.
Xu Zhushen, the present owner of Minstrel, naturally needs him to handle this funeral.
But the young monks of Shaolin Temple went back to Shaolin Temple with Xuan Nan’s body.
There are two new graves in the valley of the deaf-mute, one is a cliff and the other is Su Xinghe.
Wang Yue came to the cliff grave with Wang Yuyan and Xiao Huan and said, "Rosa, let’s worship a cliff elder. Speaking of it, cliff elder is still your grandfather. When I saw him, his body was already dying. If it weren’t for a profound skill, he would have died long ago. Family boxing is magical, but after all, it’s not immortal and it can’t save him."
Wang Yuyan looked at the stone tablet in front of the cliff grave and murmured with tears, "Grandpa?"
Li Qingluo also told Wang Yuyan about Cliff and Li Qiushui, but he really had no impression of his grandparents Wang Yuyan, but he was still a little sad when he learned that Cliff was his own grandfather.
Wang Yue held Wang Yuyan in his arms and comforted him, "Cliff’s elder Zhen Long’s chess game was cracked by Xu Zhu, and all his merits were given to Xu Zhu. His last wish was to complete Minstrel traitor Ding Chunqiu’s natural Xu Zhu to deal with Rosa. Let’s go."
Wang Yuyan wiped her tears and asked, "Yue Lang, where are we going?"
Wang Yue laughed. "We don’t want to read the complete classics when we go to Tianshan Minstrel. We can go to Tianshan Lingjiu Palace and Xixia Palace."
Minstrel Tibetan Cliff Li Qiushui and Wu Xingyun want to see the complete Minstrel classics and can go to these two places.
Wang Yuyan nodded, "Listen to Yue Lang and we will go to Tianshan Mountain."
Wang Yue happened to meet Xu Zhu when she was leaving with Wang Yuyan and Xiao Huan.
Xu Zhu put his hands together and said, "Wang Yue Shaoxia, have you seen my grandfathers and grandfathers?"
Wang Yue laughed. "They should go back to Shaolin Temple. Why did you finish handling things in Minstrel?"
Xu Zhu nods, "Well, it’s all handled. Now I’ll hand over the valley of the deaf-mute to Xue Imperial Doctor and they’ll take care of it. I’m going back to Shaolin Temple now. Little monk Wang Yue, please leave."
Xu Zhu left the deaf valley and Wang Yue also took Wang Yuyan and Xiao Huan to Tianshan Mountain.